The Next Big Game

Apologies, all, for the silence on the Baxter front these days. We like to use this space to tip our hats to friends and colleagues, and keep you updated on our goings-on. This update is, alas, of a different sort.

With heavy hearts, Founders Nathan and Matthew are putting Natron Baxter Applied Gaming back in the box and back on the shelf. We feel the decision to wind down company activities is the right one at the right time, as obstacles and opportunities have become either perfect or imperfect, depending upon your perspective.

Nathan, Matthew, and the Baxter spirit remain dedicated to the art and craft of hard-working games and the expansion of human potential. We hope to maintain a voice in an exciting and evolving field. We hope to stay connected to our mentors and peers in the industry. And we hope you’ll reach out to say hello from time to time.

Lastly (though first on our minds), we must offer our sincere, profound thanks for the many clients, collaborators, dreamers, creators, inspirations, and problem-solvers who have made this journey so worthwhile.

Looking forward to the next big game,

Nathan & Matthew
Natron Baxter Applied Gaming

With respect and appreciation for families, friends, loved ones, magical folks unnamed (and accidentally omitted), and:

Aaron Dignan
Aaron Maniam
Aaron Silvers
Adam Charnock
Ala’ Diab
Amy Jo Kim
Andrew Hicks
Andy Patton
Anthony Casey
Antidote Media
Ash Warren
Asi Burak
Austin Wintory
Avichal Jain
Barry Kirk
Ben Smith
Bill Reynolds
Bob Hawkins
Bob Stillwell
Boulder Focus Center
Brad Dunn
Brent Rinne
Brian Burke
Brigitte Mader
Bruno Medina
Cami Thompson
Caro Llewellyn
Carrie Myers Jaynes
Cesar Castro
Charles Palmer
Chelsea Howe
Chris Freeland
Chris Guiney
Christian Caldwell
Christiana Chae
Christy Dena
Creative Circle
Dana Bowler
Danielle Cooley
Dave Gray
Dave McCalpin
David Neenan
David Pescovitz
David Weiss
Dipti Choudhary
Dylan Hassinger
Dr. G
Ed Gaible
Eliot Frick
Elizabeth Merritt
Elliott Draper
Emily Lonigro
Engine Yard
Eric Cohen
Erica Gangsei
Estevão Ribeiro
Gabe Isenberg
Greg Boyd
Heidi Boisvert
Ionut Dan Popa
Ira Liss
Jack Llewellyn
Jackson Maynard
Jaison Green
Jack Llewellyn
Jake Dunagan
Jane McGonigal
Jean-Michel Blottiere
Jeff Ramos
Jessica Charlesworth
John Simanowitz
Josh Holland
Joshua David McKinney
Joshua Lebowitz
Jason Penrod
Jim Babb
John Ferrara
John Senner
John Yost
Jonathan Barnes
Jonathan West
Joseph Baksha
Julie Colbrese
Julie Gant
Kat Kavanaugh
Kathi Vian
Keith Turner
Keith Wagner
Keith Yocam
Kenny Younts
Kevin Werbach
Kim Gurksi
Kirk Bergstrom
Kiyash Monsef
Larry Byars
Lauren Van Kurin
Lee Sheldon
Linda Abrams
Linda Boff
Linda McManis
Lou Rosenfeld
Luisa Perkins
Lynn Liss
Marcos Soledade
Marcy Campbell
Marina Gorbis
Mario Cau
Mark Borcherding
Martin Kalvatovic
Mary El Pearce
Mathias Crawford
Maureen Kirchner
Max Williams
Michael Bond
Michelle Byrd
Mike Bishop
Mike Lucey
Mindaugus Gudenas
Monique Dondersteen
Mourylise Heymer
Naomi Clark
Nate Maton
Nathaniel Fruchter
Nick Kellet
Nicole Amaral
Nicole Lazzaro
Nina Simon
Nique Fajors
Noel Bay
Patrick Olds
Perry Maple
Patricia Novick
Pete Eveleigh
Peter Arvai
Peter Glatzer
Phoebe Elefante
Rachel Romanski
Rachel Wright
Rafael Savi
Rajat Paharia
Reinhold Steinbeck
Ric Edinburg
RJ Dugan
Rob Hudson
Ryan Fill
Ryan Larson
Sal Cardello
Sarah Winifred Searle
Satya Krishnaswamy
Sean Ness
Sebastian Deterding
Sergio Schuler
Simon Brookes
Stephen Anderson
Steve Turkowski
Stuart Candy
Susana Ruiz
Tatiana Schreiner
Terri Falvey
Terry Torok
The Tiger Team
Tom Henderson
Victor Hwang
Viktor Kelemen
Wendy Smolen
Zia Yusuf

… and countless others.

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